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Project Description

Sanctus! When one voice sings out Sanctus, many voices answer back. Sanctus, Sanctus!

Sanctus is the name of the process our parish is using to help determine where God is leading St. Philip. And that process involves all of us, the family of St. Philip.

THANK YOU St. Philip parishioners for participating in the April Sanctus Sessions. Your dreams for our parish’s future are wide ranging.

Here is where the Sanctus Team is today:

  • The team leaders have read all 200+ pages of feedback from you.
  • The team has identified the priorities and the key leaders for each priority.
  • On June 4 & June 12 the key leaders and their team members will receive training. Afterwards they will develop plans for each priority.
  • The Sanctus team will hold Session 3, Parishioner Feedback on the Priorities, sometime in July or August.