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Project Description

An online subscribable calendar

is a shared calendar people can add to their digital devices. The calendar will automatically update on the subscriber’s device when dates are added, changed or deleted by the calendar’s publisher. St. Philip has received requests from parishioners for a shared calendar of St. Philip events to which they can subscribe.
St. Philip has anywhere from two to over a dozen activities in a day. That is a bit overwhelming for most of our parishioners, so we are only publishing our Bulletin’s “Save the Date,” which highlights special events and the starting date of parish programs.
Our calendar works on both Android and Apple devices.
Here’s how to subscribe (it will be easier if you view these instructions on a computer while following the steps on your mobile device):

Android, GoogleCalendar App & Google Account Users

  1. Click here
  2. You will be taken to our Google Calendar Page. Click the +GoogleCalendar on the bottom right corner of the page. The link will take you to your “Google Account” login.
  3. Enter the Google Account email and password associated with your Android device/Google Calendar App
  4. Choose “Yes, add this calendar” on the pop-up dialogue
  5. Done! “Save the Date” should appear in your GoogleCalendar App

Note: This method will work on iPhone/iPad if you use the free Google Calendar App from the App Store. You must first add your Google Account to the App through its settings.

iPhone & iPad Users

Add our ICAL address to your Calendar App through “Settings”
  1. Open “Settings,” select “Calendar,” select “Accounts,” select “Add Account,” select “Other,” select “Add Subscribed Calendar”
  2. In the field, “Server,” enter the following address:
  3. Select “Next,” then select “Save.”
  4. Done! Save the Date will show up on Apple’s Calendar App

Questions? Contact Greg Walton, GWalton@StPhilipFranklin.com615-656-2170, between 9am and 5pm on weekdays.